About Us

We’re a team of psychologists, parents and tech nerds who’ve been working in the field of emotional regulation for many years and we’ve learnt what works. Emotional Regulation comes down to four things:

Know how the human system is designed to work

Consciously utilise both bottom-up strategies AND top-down tools

Practice, Practice, Practice

Connect and Repeat

Knowledge alone is not enough to change behaviour.

We need human connection and practice too. When we connect with our kids in a language they understand and know (technology) we can make long lasting changes to their wellbeing. Plus using technology like Mightier makes this connection and practice relevant to our kids’ lives.

Our values


Strong Foundations

Strong social/emotional foundations, building strong human foundations.


Access & Equity

All kids should be able to access ways to be more mentally resilient & connected.


Human Connection

Nurture parent-child relationships & recognise its power in emotional regulation.


Informed Mindset

Emotional regulation needs a top-down & bottom up approach for long term results.


Let Loose & Play

Playfulness meets kids where they’re at & leads to deeper connection.


Tech for Good

Technology has a huge potential to add oomph to therapy (engage, inform, practice, collect).

Our team


Lynn Jenkins


Kaine Griffith


Jade Barnes

Creative Lead

Brad Hawkes

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