The Program

When your kid is in the depth of their emotion, wild behaviour or out of control, who's left trying to calm the situation, put back the pieces and keep it all together? You of course.

Looking after kids is a tough gig.

There’s no manual, it’s bloody exhausting and lets be honest it takes some serious patience, especially when your child is especially moody, shy, angry or sensitive. 

Think of this as your first step towards actively investing in your child’s social emotional wellbeing. 

Boss Brain is a revolutionary program using technology (for good) to shift big feelings & big behaviours.

10 weeks - Online - Easy - Fun for the whole family

We’ll help you carve out invaluable time with your kid for an hour every week to learn about the brain and nervous system, learn tools to calm down and practice regulating emotions using the cool bio-responsive technology game, Mightier. 

How does it work?


The science behind emotions & how to work with them (not just cope)


Self-regulation w/ tech-for-good games & device (kids looove it!)


With your kid on the stuff that counts. Learn with them!

Boss Brain mixes top level tips, tools and tech with deeper education around emotional regulation. It includes:

  • Live 1hr class every week via zoom
  • Access to Mightier Games & heart rate device
  • Small group run by a child psychologist (the fun kind!)
  • Class kit w/ weekly fun activities
  • Parent webinars, audios, resources

All delivered in a playful format that kids and parents totally love.

When does it run?

Every school term. Class dates and times upon enquiry.

What you'll take away from Boss Brain.

Brain Education

Calm Tools

Weekly Practice

Kid Connection

Who’s it for?

Um... all kids and parents! But best for those aged 5-11yrs with emotions (angry, quiet, shy, you name it!).

What kids and parents think

The impact



Stronger relationships

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‘Every parent should try Boss Brain.
It sounds simple but its life changing stuff’
- Jacky

Got questions?

Boss Brain is developed by clinical child psychologist and children’s author Lynn Jenkins, and delivered by clinically trained facilitators.  Sessions will be run with small groups. You will be made aware of who will be running your session before it begins, and we will be available for any questions you may have in the lead up.

At a designated time, the one-hour online class will commence with a fun introduction into the weekly topic with focus on both parent and child. Your trained facilitator will then talk you through some social emotional education (in an engaging way!) and you will learn a new tool each week. You’ll then practice this tool by playing Mightier. There will be time to ask questions during class. Expect fun bonuses each week too!

Boss Brain classes are conducted online so that all kids, no matter their location, can access fun and engaging mental health opportunities. Children can also learn in their home-safe environment and parents do not have to navigate travel, parking or other after school activities. Being online also means you never miss a class. All classes are recorded which is helpful for the other parent to catch up on at a later time. Plus, classes are visually interactive and incorporate at home activities that can also be shared with other siblings and family members. 

Online group interaction is encouraged by the facilitators which helps quieter kids to come out of their shell

Boss Brain proudly partners with Mightier – we are ever grateful for the use of their amazing tech games and software!


The classes will include other parents and children enrolled (we have no more than 10 in each class), plus the appointed facilitator and a member of the support crew

Classes are a mix of age ranges however we always aim to match ages as much as possible.

We can accommodate changes due to confidentiality reasons (e.g. if your child doesn’t want to be in the same class as someone from school).

Boss Brain Payment Plans
1. In full via credit card
2. 10 weekly direct debits
3. Extended payment plans are available upon request

Options for gaining a rebate
1. NDIS funding. If you’re a NDIS participant you can use NDIS funding
2. Private Health. If you have private health cover you will be able to claim a rebate depending on your level of cover.
3. Medicare. If you are located in a remote area you are eligible for a Medicare rebate with a Mental Health Care Plan (under code 80121) Click here to find out if you are eligible.

Send off an enquiry now.