Ode to Me – a simple script to say to yourself when you’re feeling out of whack.

The end of year brings a mash up of chaos, festivities and fun but it's easy to lose yourself in the chaos of getting things done. When shit hits the fan or you're in need of some space, try a little tenderness with this tiny script of grace. (Please excuse the cheesy rhyme!)

Breathe in and breathe out.

Today, I intend to remind myself to breathe in and out on purpose. 

To remember to be kind to myself at least once. 

To remind myself I am a nice person. 

To remember that I usually try my best. 

To remember to laugh at myself. 

To remember I have some good things in my life. 

To remind myself that I have done difficult things before so I can again if needed. 

To remember to look in the mirror and notice a quality of myself I don’t mind. 

To remind myself to notice the first bite of my breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

To remember that my time is as valuable as anyone else’s. 

To remember my intentions are usually good even if things don’t turn out sometimes. 

To remember to give myself a break. 

To remember to choose to focus more on what I can control rather than what I cannot. 

To remind myself I am a good person. 

To remember to smile. 

To remember to really notice what it feels like to smile. 

To remember to breathe in and say I am me. 

To remember to breathe out and say and that is OK

I am a parent BUT I am also a person. 

I deserve to be kind to myself. 

SO, I will remember to ask myself everyday: 

What is one thing I can do or say to be kind to myself today? 

If I do or say, at least, that one thing, I’m going OK.

Breathe in and out again.

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About Lynn Jenkins

Lynn Jenkins is a Clinical Child Psychologist, mother of 3 and creator of the 10-week digital program Boss Brain. She believes it ‘makes sense to start at the beginning’ when it comes to emotions and behaviour as ‘when we have strong emotional foundations, we can build a strong human foundation’. Together with her team she loves developing Boss Brain and resources for parents to make parenting a little easier and kids a little calmer.   

About Eliza LeMessurier

Eliza is a mum of 3 and has worked with Lynn on the development of Boss Brain since it was a wee Boss Baby. She has a special interest in using tech to access and communicate the human experience. Eliza loves sourcing ideas, writing and editing. She’s passionate about ‘sharing the REAL parent experience without the sugar coating’, and ‘breaking down psych lingo’ so that parents can access education and support like Boss Brain in simple, relatable ways.


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